Philip Clayton | Closer to Truth


Philip Clayton is Ingraham Professor at Claremont School of Theology. His previous teaching posts include Williams College and the California State University.

Clayton received a joint doctorate in philosophy and religious studies from Yale University. Since that time he has written or edited some 24 books and close to two hundred articles. He has also held seven years of invited guest professorships at other universities, including the University of Munich, the University of Cambridge, and Harvard University.

Professor Clayton has published widely in philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, history of philosophy, philosophy of religion, and theology. A leading voice in the science-religion dialogue, he served as the editor for the Oxford Handbook of Religion and Science. Within the natural sciences, Clayton’s research has focused on emergent dynamics in biology and on the neural correlates of consciousness in neuroscience. He has co-authored or edited a number of publications with physicists, chemists, and biologists, analyzing emerging natural systems and exploring their significance for the study of religion. He works in particular on the philosophical and religious implications of emergence theory; see Mind and Emergence: From Quantum to Consciousness, The Reemergence of Emergence, and In Quest of Freedom: The Emergence of Spirit in the Natural World.