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Kutter Callaway

The William K. Brehm Chair of Worship, Theology, and the Arts; Associate Dean of the Center for Advanced Theological Studies; Associate Professor of Theology and Culture, Fuller University

Dr. Callaway holds two PhDs, one in theology and the second in psychological science, both from Fuller. His most recent book is Theology for Psychology and Counseling: An Invitation to Holistic Christian Practice (Baker Academic, 2022).

Callaway co-chairs the Religion, Film, and Visual Culture group at the American Academy of Religion. He also partnered with Paulist Productions to produce the YouTube series Should Christians Watch? His professional memberships include the American Academy of Religion, American Psychological Association, and the Society of Biblical Literature. He is ordained as a Baptist minister.

The Kutter Callaway Podcast is an ongoing conversation with artists, writers, thought leaders, and experts exploring the various ways in which culture and faith (or the lack thereof) inform and give rise to one another. Listen on Soundcloud or subscribe via iTunes.