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What is life? How did life evolve? Explore life.

What is life? How did life originate? How did it evolve? How is life structured? Join our in-depth exploration of life on planet Earth, especially human life. Perhaps beyond Earth, too.

Explore themes of Life:

Philosophy of Biology

How can philosophy advance biology? How can biology influence philosophy? Explore biological issues: sex/gender, race, cognition, culture, morality, healthcare, religion, alien life, and more.

What is Life?

What is the special nature of life? What are life’s distinguishing characteristics? What is the gap between nonlife and life—and how to bridge the gap? On the other end, what is the biology of death? Must death be inevitable?

Human Biology

What is special about human biology? How does human nature differ from that of other animals? Can evolution inform human culture and morality/ethics? How does biology and evolutionary biology address real-world issues: sex and gender; the reality of race; medicine and healthcare; transhumanism and artificial intelligence (AI).

Life in the Cosmos

What can we know about life beyond earth: simple alien life; complex alien life; intelligent alien life; civilization alien life; and technological civilization alien life? How is the new field of astrobiology developing and what are its prospects?

Biological Concepts

Biology has great breadth. We explore diverse areas, from mathematical biology to animal and human deception to plant sentience, and more.