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Closer To Truth’s exploration of Cosmos seeks to understand the fundamental aspects of reality, the laws of nature that regulate the universe and the kinds of things in the universe.

Why is there something rather than nothing? How vast is the cosmos? Are there multiple universes (multiverse)? What is the theory of everything? What are the implications of cosmology?

Explore themes of Cosmos:

Deep Laws of Nature

What’s fundamental? What’s bedrock reality? What are the deep regularities, things that work the same—always, everywhere—across the universe? Are these regularities “laws”? Where do they come from?

Vast Cosmos

Our universe is incredibly huge—billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars and planets—but the entire ‘multiverse’, multiple universes, may be staggeringly more immense. It stops your breath.

Our Special Universe

Why do the deep physical laws of our universe seem just right for our existence? What does a “fine-tuned” universe mean? What is the far future of intelligence, human or alien, in the universe?


What are “breakthroughs”—content and process? How to spot breakthroughs? What are the common characteristics? Breakthroughs can be new ways of thinking, new systems of thought, new perspectives for seeing the world. What distinguishes breakthroughs from normal advances? How do breakthroughs drive science? What drives breakthroughs?

Science and Religion

Must science and theology conflict? Or together reveal deep reality? Does only science give truth? Is theology archaic? What’s best for big answers? Science alone? Or science and theology combined?

Mystery of Existence

Why is there a world, a cosmos, something, anything—instead of absolutely nothing at all, an utter blank? This is the biggest question: Why is there anything at all? What can we learn from “Nothing”?