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Closer To Truth’s exploration of Meaning seeks to understand whether God exists, and if so, the nature and characteristics of God. We ask the world’s leading thinkers in philosophy, religion, theology, and sociology how to argue for God and argue against God. We examine what causes religious belief.

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Explore themes of Meaning:

Philosophy of Religion

How to explore questions about God? Does God exist? What is God like? What are God’s attributes and traits? Are there different kinds of Gods? Why diverse religions? How could God affect human life?

Existence of God

God exists? God does not exist? What are the best arguments for theism, atheism, agnosticism? Against theism, atheism, agnosticism? Are there truths and realities on all sides? Flaws and fallacies?

Attributes of God

What is God like? God is not like anything. Does God have a nature, attributes, traits? What can we know about God? Do God’s traits complement or contradict? What would God do? What would God mean?

Ultimate Destinies

If God exists, what’s the future like? Judgment? Afterlife? Resurrection? Heaven? Hell? What’s Reincarnation? What would immortality and eternal life be like? Without God, how to search for meaning?

God as Creator

If God exists, did God create everything? Did God create from ‘nothing’? Creation is God’s glory; creating, God’s essence. Does this make sense? How could God create? What would God as Creator mean?