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Brian Keating

Professor of physics at the University of California, San Diego; Fellow, American Physical Society

Brian Keating is a public speaker, inventor, and an expert in the study of the universe’s oldest light, the cosmic microwave background (CMB), using it to learn about the origin and evolution of the universe.

In 2014, amidst the purported detection of a long-sought signal heralding the “spark that ignited the Big Bang”, Keating was co-teaching a course at UC San Diego entitled “Poetry for Physicists”, with Pulitzer Prizewinner Rae Armantrout.

Keating is a writer and podcaster and the best-selling author of one of Amazon Editors’ “Best Non-fiction Books of All Time”, Losing the Nobel Prize, which distills the life-lessons of nine Nobel Prize winners into a self-help guide for STEM professionals and beyond.

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Losing the Nobel Prize: A Story of Cosmology, Ambition, and the Perils of Science's Highest Honor

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