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Carol Zaleski

Professor of World Religions, Smith College

Carol Zaleski is a Professor of World Religions at Smith College. She is a scholar and writer about religion.

She is a columnist and editor-at-large for Christian Century, and has contributed articles and reviews to The New York TimesFirst Things, AmericaSecond SpringNova et Vetera, Communio, ParabolaThe Journal of Religion and The Journal of the History of Ideas.

Zaleski previously taught at Harvard University, where she received her PhD in the study of religion. She is the author of several acclaimed books on religion, including Otherworld Journeys, The Life of the World to Come and, with her husband Philip Zaleski, The Book of Heaven and Prayer: A History.

She is celebrated for her writings on the afterlife, which include the Encyclopedia Britannica articles on heaven, hell, and purgatory.

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