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Don Page

Professor of Physics, University of Alberta

Don N. Page is a Canadian theoretical physicist at the University of Alberta, Canada.

His work focuses on quantum cosmology and theoretical gravitational physics, and he is noted for being a doctoral student of the eminent Professor Stephen Hawking, in addition to publishing several journal articles with him. He is an Evangelical Christian.

Page earned his BA at William Jewell College in 1971, attaining an MS in 1972 and a PhD in 1976 at Caltech. He followed this with an MA at Cambridge, which he received in 1978. His professional career started as a research assistant in Cambridge from 1976-1979, followed by an assistant professorship at Penn State from 1979-1983, and then an associate professor at Penn State until 1986 before taking on the title of professor in 1986. Page spent four more years at Penn State before moving to become a professor at the University of Alberta in Canada in 1990.

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