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Eddy Nahmias

Professor of Philosophy, Georgia State University

Eddy Nahmias is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the Neuroscience Institute at Georgia State University. He received his PhD from Duke University and his BA from Emory University.

He specializes in philosophy of mind and cognitive science, moral psychology, and experimental philosophy. His research focuses on human agency, free will, and moral responsibility: what are they, how are they possible, and how can they be understood in ways that accord with scientific accounts of human nature. Nahmias has published two dozen chapters and articles in these areas for journals such as Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, and Philosophical Studies and volumes such as The Oxford Handbook on Free Will, as well as shorter pieces for The New York Times, 3:AM Magazine, and The Philosophers’ Magazine.

He is co-editor of Moral Psychology: Historical and Contemporary Readings (Wiley-Blackwell), and is working on a book, Rediscovering Free Will, which develops a naturalistic theory of free will and considers scientific challenges to, and explanations of, free will. Nahmias has received grants from the Templeton Foundation’s Wisdom Project and Big Questions in Free Will Project.


Moral Psychology: Historical and Contemporary Readings

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