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Eric Steinhart

Professor of Philosophy, William Paterson University

Eric Steinhart is a Professor of Philosophy at William Paterson University.

He received his BS in Computer Science from the Pennsylvania State University before earning an MA in Philosophy from Boston College, focusing on the history of philosophy. He was awarded the PhD in Philosophy from SUNY at Stony Brook, winning the first “Distinguished Dissertation” award given to any Humanities student in the history of the University. His past work has concerned Nietzsche as well as metaphor. He has written extensively on the metaphysics and computation.

Topic Series


More Precisely: The Math You Need to Do Philosophy (Broadview Guides to Philosophy)

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On Nietzsche (Wadsworth Philosophers Series)

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The Logic of Metaphor: Analogous Parts Of Possible Worlds (Synthese Library)

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Your Digital Afterlives: Computational Theories of Life after Death (Palgrave Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion)

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