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George Geis

Professor, Anderson School of Management, UCLA Anderson

George Geis is Associate Dean (Executive MBA Program) and Adjunct Professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management, where he teaches in the areas of information technology, accounting and finance.

Geis received a BS summa cum laude and with honors in mathematics from Purdue University, an MBA from University of California, Los Angeles, and a PhD from University of Southern California. Geis was a National Science Foundation and Woodrow Wilson Honorary Fellow. He also received the Financial Executives Institute Award for outstanding achievement in finance.

Geis has taught in the LEAD summer institute for minority youth for over ten years. He has provided management education for directors of Head Start programs nationwide. His sixteen tape lecture series on “Statistical Analysis in Business” is part of the Teaching Company’s Super Star Teacher series. He has published dozens of professional articles and six books.

Geis is co-founder of TriVergence (, which provides software solutions, research, and consulting for business development and competitive intelligence. He is also Editor of Alliance InfoGraphics, a Web-based application (published by TriVergence) that tracks Intel and Microsoft investments and significant partnerships.