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Gregory Boyd

Founder and Sr. Pastor, Woodland Hills Church

Gregory A. Boyd is an American theologian, pastor, and author. Boyd is Senior Pastor of the Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. Boyd is a leading advocate of open theism and is also President of

Boyd is also a noted Christian anarchist and is well known for his writings on the relationship between Christianity and politics, including his best-selling book The Myth of a Christian Nation, which led to the New York Times publishing a front-page article on Boyd. In 2010, Boyd was listed as one of the twenty most influential Christian scholars alive today.

Boyd was raised as a Roman Catholic but became an atheist as a teenager. In 1974, at the age of 17, he became a Christian. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota he attended Yale Divinity School, graduating cum laude with a Master of Divinity degree in 1982. He then attended Princeton Theological Seminary, earning a PhD in 1987, graduating magna cum laude. Boyd was then Professor of Theology at Bethel University for sixteen years, where he continues to teach on an adjunct basis. In 1992 Boyd co-founded Woodland Hills Church.

Boyd is also a contributor to the BioLogos Foundation and has written extensively about reconciling Christianity and evolution. He has also written on, and advocates for, annihilationism.

In addition to the New York Times and CNN, he has been featured on National Public Radio, the BBC, and The Charlie Rose Show.

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