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Raphael Bousso

Professor of Physics, UC Berkeley

Raphael Bousso is a theoretical physicist and string theorist. He is a professor at Department of Physics, UC Berkeley. He is known for the proposal of Bousso’s holographic bound, also known as the covariant entropy bound.

His interests include cosmology, black holes, and quantum gravity. He is a professor at the Department of Physics, UC Berkeley. Bousso is recognized for discovering a general relation between the curved geometry of space-time and its information content, known as the Bousso bound. His work allowed for a precise and general formulation of the holographic principle, which is believed to underlie the unification of quantum theory and Einstein’s theory of gravity. Bousso is also one of the discoverers of the landscape of string theory, which explains the small but non-vanishing weight of empty space (the cosmological constant, or “dark energy”). His work has led to a novel view of cosmology, the multiverse of string theory. 

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