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Marlene Altenmüller

Marlene Altenmüller is a postdoctoral researcher with the Social Psychology group at The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Altenmüller’s research focuses on trust in and within science. Her research in this area shows, the ideas of Open Science are important for (re)building trust in science—both the public’s trust in science as well as trust among…

Peitro Perona

Birgitta Whaley

David DiVincenzo

Llewellyn “Doc” Dougherty

David Herrelko

Bart Kosko

Gregory Stock

Edward Feigenbaum

Aaron Clauset

Aaron Clauset is an American computer scientist who works in the areas of Network Science, Machine Learning, and Complex Systems. He is currently a professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder and is external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute. Clauset completed his undergraduate studies in Physics and Computer Science at Haverford College…

Eric Schwitzgebel

Eric Schwitzgebel is Professor of Philosophy at University of California at Riverside.  He received his B.A. in Philosophy from Stanford in 1990 and his PhD in Philosophy from U.C. Berkeley in 1997, under the supervision of Elisabeth A. Lloyd, Alison Gopnik, and John Searle. He has published two books and over twenty articles on the…

Stephen Wolfram

Stephen Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language; the author of A New Kind of Science; and the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research. Over the course of nearly four decades, he has been a pioneer in the development and application of computational thinking—and has been responsible for many discoveries, inventions…