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Murray Smith

Murray Smith is a film theorist and philosopher of art based at the University of Kent, where he is Professor of Film and co-director of the Aesthetics Research Centre. Professor Smith’s research interests are film theory broadly, but especially the ‘philosophy of film’, film theory informed by analytic philosophy, and classical film theory; cognitive and…

Sir James MacMillan

James MacMillan read music at Edinburgh University and took Doctoral studies in composition at Durham University with John Casken. After working as a lecturer at Manchester University, he returned to Scotland and settled in Glasgow. The successful premiere of Tryst at the 1990 St Magnus Festival led to his appointment as Affiliate Composer of the…

Victoria Vesna

Michael Crichton

Robert Epstein

Murray Gell-Mann

George Kozmetsky

Todd Siler

Edward de Bono

Stephan J. Cannell

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Rhoda Janzen