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Mario Gollwitzer

Mario Gollwitzer’s research program is located at the crossroads of justice, morality, and aggression. He is interested in what people hope to gain when they take revenge, when they opt for a particular kind of penalty for criminal offenses, and what they regard a “fair” retribution. He is trying to find evidence for the notion…

Sir James MacMillan

James MacMillan read music at Edinburgh University and took Doctoral studies in composition at Durham University with John Casken. After working as a lecturer at Manchester University, he returned to Scotland and settled in Glasgow. The successful premiere of Tryst at the 1990 St Magnus Festival led to his appointment as Affiliate Composer of the…

Donald E. Miller

Wallace Sampson

Robert Temple

Daniel Labriola

Peter Loewenberg

Alexander Capron

Hyla Cass

Michael Crichton

Agnes Day

David Goodstein