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Jay Garfield

Jay Lazar Garfield is a professor of philosophy who specializes in Tibetan Buddhism. He also specializes on the philosophy of mind, cognitive science, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, ethics, and hermeneutics. He is currently Doris Silbert Professor in the Humanities at Smith College, professor of philosophy at the University of Melbourne, visiting professor of philosophy…

Elisabeth Schellekens

Elisabeth Schellekens is the Chair Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Aside from running the department’s aesthetics section, with its popular BA and MA programs and busy research culture, she is also the Director of Studies for doctoral studies at the department. Her research interests include the aesthetics of non-perceptual objects,…

Hilary Lawson

Hilary Lawson is a philosopher and award-winning broadcaster who founded The Institute of Art and Ideas to bring philosophy and intellectual ideas into public discourse. He has been hosting IAI TV’s philosophy and global politics debate strands since 2010.

Brian Skyrms

Motsamai Molefe

Motsamai Molefe is a senior researcher at the Centre for Leadership Ethics at the University of Fort Hare. He specialises in African philosophy, Applied Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy.

Marie-Hélène Gorisse

Marie-Hélène Gorisse is currently a FWO post-doctoral researcher and guest professor at Ghent University. After having completed her PhD at Lille University, she was BOF post-doctoral researcher at Ghent University, Gonda Fellow at the IASS in Leiden and Senior Teaching Fellow at SOAS in London. Her main research interests are Jainism and South Asian epistemology,…

Rahim Acar

Rahim Acar teaches philosophy of religion at Marmara University, Faculty of Theology. He received his Ph.D. at Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Department at Harvard University in 2002. He is a member of the Society for the Philosophy of Religion in Instanbul, Turkey. His publications include Talking about God and Talking about Creation: Avicenna’s and Thomas…

Andrew Davis

Andrew M. Davis is a philosopher, theologian and scholar of world religions. He is Program Director for the Center for Process Studies at Claremont School of Theology at Willamette University. He holds a BA in Philosophy and Theology, an MA in Interreligious Studies, and a PhD in Religion and Process Philosophy from Claremont School of Theology. An educator…

Tyron Goldschmidt

Tyron Goldschmidt is Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University. He works primarily on metaphysics, philosophy of religion, early modern philosophy and medieval philosophy. He has published on these subjects in various academic journals.  

Ted Good

Ted Good currently works at the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto. HIs primary research areas are in History of Religion, Social and Political Philosophy and Metaphysics.

Samuel Lebens

Samuel Lebens is associate Professor in the philosophy department at the University of Haifa, Israek. He is also an Orthodox Rabbi and Jewish educator. His first book was a study of Bertrand Russell’s evolving theories about the nature of meaning. His second book is a study in the analytic philosophy of Judaism.  

Chad Meister

Chad Meister, PhD, is Affiliate Scholar of the Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion at the University of Notre Dame. He was previously professor of philosophy at Bethel University. He received his undergraduate degree in automated manufacturing technology (robotics). He later received his M.A. in theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a Ph.D.…