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Five Questions with Anna Abraham

A Q&A with neuroscientist Anna Abraham about the creative brain, the human spirit, and more.

A Crack in Everything

Philosopher and IAI founder Hilary Lawson explores the human condition and the magic of new discoveries.

The Danger and Destiny of Nationalism

Robert Lawrence Kuhn shares his thoughts on overcoming the dangers of tribalism and nationalism.

A Tribute to Daniel C. Dennett

Host Robert Lawrence Kuhn honors the life and legacy of philosopher and cognitive scientist Dan Dennett.

Five Questions with Marcelo Gleiser

Physicist and astronomer Marcelo Gleiser tells us what he’s optimistic about, his favorite beautiful explanation in science, what big question keeps him up at night, and more.

Interview with Rebecca Boyle on the History of the Moon

To commemorate the 2024 solar eclipse, we interviewed science writer Rebecca Boyle about her new book “Our Moon”.

Five Questions with Helen De Cruz

In this episode of Five on Fridays, we asked philosopher Helen De Cruz about her scientific fascinations, her biggest inspiration, and more.

Five Questions with Ilia Delio

In our latest Five on Friday interview, theologian and neuroscientist Ilia Delio shares her favorite quote, the inspiration that guides her work, and more.

Five Questions with Ned Block

We asked asked Ned Block five questions about himself, his work, and his thoughts on the field of philosophy.

Five Questions with Philip Goff

In this 5 on Friday, philosopher Philip Goff shares his favorite five books of all time, the change in philosophy that he’d like to see, and more.

Five Questions with Sara Manning Peskin

Read our latest “5 on Fridays” installment with Dr. Sara Manning Peskin where we talk Alzheimer’s disease treatments, scientific breakthroughs, and more.

Five Questions with Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Closer To Truth is excited to announce a new segment we’re calling 5 on Fridays. Our team will conduct five-question mini-interviews with CTT Contributors that help our viewers get to know them in a whole new way. You can find new installments of this new segment on our Instagram page or right here in our…