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Five Questions with Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Five Questions with Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Closer To Truth is excited to announce a new segment we’re calling 5 on Fridays.

Our team will conduct five-question mini-interviews with CTT Contributors that help our viewers get to know them in a whole new way.

You can find new installments of this new segment on our Instagram page or right here in our News section.

For a preview of this new endeavor, check out our first five questions with Closer To Truth host Robert Lawrence Kuhn where we ask him about everything from scientific breakthroughs to what keeps him up at night.

5 Questions

1. What has been your favorite Closer to Truth location?

Iceland—riding backseat in a speeding, shaky snowmobile, driven by Alan Guth, while contemplating cosmic inflation from 10^-39 to 10^-36 seconds.

2. What is your favorite scientific breakthrough of the last five years?

James Webb Space Telescope. Astonishing revelations of galaxies: The grandeur of innumerable galaxies (45,000 in one image alone), perhaps 2 trillion in the observable universe, and the mysteries of rapid formation in the early universe.

What’s something our viewers might not know about you?

I “luxuriate” in the questions we ask on Closer To Truth. I try to elicit best thinking from our superb contributors, sometimes by challenging them –which may seem to reveal by own beliefs, but do not. Moreover, I’m skeptical of my own beliefs.

4. What big question about our universe keeps you up at night?

Why is there anything at all?

What is consciousness?

(I’ve not kept my obsessions secret.)

5. Looking back, is there anything you wish you knew when you started Closer To Truth?

I’m glad I didn’t know. If I had known the vast amounts of pressure and struggle that lay ahead, I might have been intimated and never began.

Fortunately, I always saw only the next step, and always took it with passion.