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Women in Philosophy of Religion

Closer To Truth is highlighting remarkable women in philosophy of religion.

Women in Philosophy and Neuro/Cognitive Science

Closer To Truth is highlighting remarkable women advancing philosophy and neuro/cognitive science.

Philosophical Questions II

Explore more philosophical questions that seek insights into the fundamental features of existence including the limits of science, the existence of God, discerning the deep meaning of physics and cosmology, and the future of humanity.

Philosophical Questions I

Explore philosophical questions that address fundamental issues and beliefs including the meaning of truth; the philosophy of science, cosmology, and biology; metaphysics and God; and the Doomsday argument.

Religion and Its Ideas

There is a vast diversity of human religions whose core beliefs present incompatibilities with each other. Can all religions be true? How do we reconcile faith with reason? Do angels and demons exist? Is there eternal life or is death final?

What is God Like?

In many religions, God is supposed to be the morally good creator of the universe, but there is much that theologians and philosophers don’t know. Endless questions about God remain like is God really all knowing and all powerful, and what are the alternative concepts of God?

Does God Exist?

The existence of God is hotly debated in philosophical and theological circles with passionate arguments on all sides. What are all the ways we can think about God? Can we argue God with analytic philosophy? Can agnosticism deepen appreciation for existence?

Exploring Human Nature: Free Will, Personal Identity, Life after Death

What are the fundamental dispositions and traits of all humans? What sets us apart from animals? Do we really have free will or is it all an illusion? What happens when we die and is there life after death?

Secrets of Brain and Mind

Everything we know comes from the brain. Are brains our window to reality, showing us what truly exists? How can we know? Can consciousness derive from something beyond the physical? Why do we sleep, dream, feel and think?

The Mystery of Consciousness

How can we understand consciousness? Is our consciousness an illusion? Can it be measured scientifically or tied to the brain? Why is consciousness so difficult to explain?

Ultimate Questions of Existence

What is real? What is nothing? Why is there “something” rather than “nothing”? Does the nonphysical world exist? These are the ultimate questions of reality, the mysteries of existence.

Science vs. Religion?

The relationship between science and theology is fraught with conflict. Are science and religion at war? Does God exist or not, and can science offer any insight? Should science even concern itself with theology?