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Eastern Traditions: What is Our Ultimate Future?

Eastern Traditions: What are Ultimate Existence & Essence?

How do Buddhism, Chinese traditions, and Hinduism address the ultimate essence of all things, the ground of being? What are transcendence, oneness, interconnectivity, ineffability? Compare Dao in Daoism to Brahman in Hinduism. Compare Wu in Daoism with Emptiness in Buddhism. Does God fit in?

Eastern Traditions: Why are Suffering and Ritual Vital?

How do Buddhism, Chinese traditions, and Hinduism address the perennial problems of suffering, ethics, ritual and contemplative practices? Why is suffering so important in Buddhism? Why karma in Hinduism? Why systems of nature in Chinese traditions?

Eastern Traditions: What is the Human Person?

How do Buddhism, Chinese traditions, and Hinduism address the essence of human sentience? What is consciousness? What is the self? What is qi? Do humans have souls or spirits? Are humans dualistic beings? Or pure souls/spirits?

Eastern Traditions: What is World? What is Reality?

How do Buddhism, Chinese traditions, Hinduism, and Shintoism address causality, consciousness, energies, God, ultimate reality? What is non- dualism? How is the world interconnected? How are metaphysics and morality related?

Season 24

How do Eastern traditions address the Big Questions of existence and sentience—Closer To Truth’s pillar categories of Cosmos, Life, Consciousness, Meaning? How do Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Hinduism address fundamental questions: deep nature of the world; human person; evil and suffering; contemplative practices; essence and existence, the nature of being, ontology; and ultimate futures, life…

What Would Alien Life & Intelligences Mean?

Is Race Real?

What is Evolutionary Developmental Biology?

What is Biological Information?

What is information in biology? information is essential for analyzing data and testing hypotheses. But what is information in molecular genetics and neuroscience? What in evolution, population genetics and levels of selection? Why is computational biology transformational?

Why Philosophy of Biology?

Philosophy of Biology has two sides: the process of science and the content of biology. We address key questions. What is the nature of life? How does evolution work and what are its challenges? How to consider race, sex/gender, cognition, culture, morality, healthcare, religion, alien life and alien intelligences.

Season 23

How can philosophy advance biology? How can biology influence philosophy? In this first series on Philosophy of Biology, Closer to Truth explores the challenges and implications of evolution. We ask how life on earth came to be as it is, and how humans came to be as we are. We address biologically based issues, such…