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Why Philosophy of Biology?

Season 23

How can philosophy advance biology? How can biology influence philosophy? In this first series on Philosophy of Biology, Closer to Truth explores the challenges and implications of evolution. We ask how life on earth came to be as it is, and how humans came to be as we are. We address biologically based issues, such…

Roger Penrose: Mathematics & What Exists

Can Mathematics Elucidate Evolution?

Can Mathematics Explain Biology?

Why do Power Laws Work so Widely?

What is the Deep Meaning of Probability?

What are Breakthroughs in Mathematics?

What Does the “Unreasonable Effectiveness” of Mathematics Mean?

Why is Mathematics True & Beautiful?

Does mathematics have two transcendent attributes: truth and beauty? What makes math true? What makes math beautiful? Are there different kinds of mathematical existence? How can math combine idealized perfection and explanatory simplicity?

Season 22

To seek the foundations of reality we look through the prism of mathematics. Mathematics is the universal language anyone, anywhere, can appreciate. We ask profound questions. Why is math true and beautiful? Is math intrinsic or imposed? Why math’s “unreasonable effectiveness”? What are mathematical breakthroughs? Why probability and power laws? Can math explain biology, elucidate…