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Science and the Future of Humanity

Humankind has learned so much, so fast. What are the risks of scientific knowledge? Look to the future. Artificial intelligence. Genetic engineering. Benefits? Dangers?

Is the Universe Theologically Ambiguous?

Scientists split on whether the universe confirms or denies God. Though most leading scientists do not believe in God, some do. What can we learn from the dispute?

To Seek Cosmic Origins

How things start helps reveal what things are. How can we conceive the beginning of the universe? What are latest theories? Are they all speculation? What’s the recent evidence?

What Exists?

Lots of things exist. But what’s truly fundamental? The challenge is to discern the minimum number of basic categories that explains the entirety of existence.

Why Philosophy of Physics & Cosmology?

The observable universe may contain two trillion galaxies and there may be innumerable universes. Is there ultimate unification, a final theory? Search for deep harmony. Discern deep meaning.

Observing Quanta, Observing Nature

Why is an observer key to quantum physics? Does the act of observation affect what exists and what happens in the external world? Why is Observation in the quantum world a mystery?

A Tribute to Huston Smith

Huston Smith, world religion scholar and seeker of the Divine in diverse religions, died on December 30, 2016. We had the privilege of discussing God, spirit, soul, eternal life, judgment, existence.

What is God’s Own Being?

To what kind of entity does the word “God” refer? What is this God that all worship or dismiss? What, supposedly, is God’s nature? What are God’s traits?

Can Metaphysics Discern God II?

Metaphysics seeks insights into fundamental features of existence. It does not depend on human emotions or personal testimonies. When metaphysics focuses on God, what happens?

Can Metaphysics Discern God I?

How to think about God rationally, logically, profoundly, critically? Have no illusion that metaphysics can find God, but can a kind of progress be made?

How Does the Subconscious Affect Us?

There is more to our mental lives than the current content of our awareness. Our subconscious affects what we sense, think, feel and do. How does the subconscious work its magic?

How Does Faith Work?

Can God be known only by faith? What is faith? What does faith feel like? Can faith be actionable, practical? Describing faith is one thing; having faith, quite another.