To celebrate Closer To Truth's partnership with this year's HowtheLightGetsIn Hay festival, CTT host Robert Lawrence Kuhn and IAI founder Hilary Lawson sat down for a conversation to explore the festival's theme of "Dangers, Desires, and Destiny". In this conversation, they discuss nationalism, tribalism, artificial intelligence, social media, and answer questions submitted by viewers. Hilary Lawson is a philosopher and award-winning broadcaster who founded The Institute of Art and Ideas to bring philosophy and intellectual ideas into public discourse. He is also the Editorial Director of HowTheLightGetsIn, the world's largest ideas and music festival. The next festival takes place in Hay-on-Wye from the 24-27 May. The event will convene world-leading thinkers and award winners including Roger Penrose, Tim Maudlin, Lisa Randall, Peter Singer, and Donald Hoffman. A remedy to online echo-chambers, the festival unites speakers across disciplines to chart tangible solutions to the crises of our era. As long-standing partners of the festival, Closer to Truth is offering an exclusive 30% off festival tickets with code CTT30. Check out the full program and get your discounted tickets here.