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Stuart Hameroff

Professor Emeritus, Anesthesiology and Psychology; Director, Center for Consciousness Studies, University of Arizona

Stuart Hameroff, MD, is a physician and researcher at the University Medical Center at the University of Arizona.

He divides his professional time between practicing and teaching clinical anesthesiology in the surgical operating rooms at University Medical Center and conducting research into the mechanism of consciousness. Dr. Hameroff is a Professor Emeritus in the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology, and the director of the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He earned his BS in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh, and his MD from Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia. In addition to the mechanisms of consciousness, Dr. Hameroff’s research interests include quantum mechanical/general relativity approaches to consciousness, protein conformational dynamics, molecular mechanisms of anesthetic gas molecules, information processing in cytoskeletal microtubules, quantum information science, essential features of living systems, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, philosophical pan-protopsychism, coherence and decoherence.

He was named one of the “Best Doctors In America-Pacific Region” in the field of neuroanesthesia by the Woodward/White independent survey.

Dr. Hameroff has lectured as a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pittsburgh.

His research has been awarded grants from the Fetzer Institute, the National Science Foundation, the YeTaDel Foundation, and Pfizer-Roerig Pharmaceuticals. Grant support for the “Quantum Mind 2003” conference comes from The YeTaDel Foundation, The Samueli Institute, The School of Computational Sciences, George Mason University as well as The Fetzer Institute.

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