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Joshua Wilt

Joshua Wilt is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. One line of his research explores the structure of personality traits, personality processes that manifest in daily life, and the ways in which personality structure and process may be integrated. Much of his work in this area…

Mario Gollwitzer

Mario Gollwitzer’s research program is located at the crossroads of justice, morality, and aggression. He is interested in what people hope to gain when they take revenge, when they opt for a particular kind of penalty for criminal offenses, and what they regard a “fair” retribution. He is trying to find evidence for the notion…

Jonathan Schooler

Jonathan Schooler’s research takes a “big picture” perspective in attempting to understand the nature of mental life, and in particular consciousness. Combining empirical, philosophical, and contemplative traditions, Jonathan Schooler addresses broad questions that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. Some of the topics and associated questions include: Meta-awareness: When do we notice our thoughts and how does explicitly…

Peter Loewenberg

Donald E. Miller

Victoria Vesna

Robert Epstein

Cliff & Joyce Penner

Nancy Andreasen

Vern Bullough

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Rochel Gelman