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Can Mathematics Explain Biology?

Why do Power Laws Work so Widely?

What is the Deep Meaning of Probability?

What are Breakthroughs in Mathematics?

What Does the “Unreasonable Effectiveness” of Mathematics Mean?

Why is Mathematics True & Beautiful?

Does mathematics have two transcendent attributes: truth and beauty? What makes math true? What makes math beautiful? Are there different kinds of mathematical existence? How can math combine idealized perfection and explanatory simplicity?

What Would Transhuman Brains Mean?

How brain enhancements can correct disabilities are important questions. But not Closer To Truth questions. What happens to personal identity? Would “I” still be me? What about moral standing? Would it change? Could my mind be uploaded? Would “I” live on?

Can Music Probe Human Mentality?

How Do Human Brains Experience Music?

How does the brain process sounds, transforming mechanical changes in air pressure into astonishing mental experiences we call music? The neuroscience of music – from enrapturing love songs to martial national anthems – is radically challenging.

How Does Deception Affect Human Behavior?

What can we learn when people deceive? There are all kinds of deception: from lying, duplicity, and disguises, to propaganda, disinformation, and deep fakes. Self-deception, too, offers insight. Why would evolution select for deceiving ourselves?

How to Decipher Deception in Evolution?

Deception pervades all life, up and down the phylogenetic tree. Deceptions have a “purpose” – the well-being, often the survival, of the deceiver. But deceptions need not be done “on purpose”. In the tool-kit of evolution, what is the workload of deception?

How Do Breakthroughs Happen in Biology?

Biologists work in different worlds than do physicists, separated by vast orders of magnitude, numbers of variables, and levels of complexity. Does the process of Breakthroughs by biologists differ from the process of Breakthroughs by physicists?