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Can Art Reveal God’s Traits?

If God is the creator of human beings and art reflects human sentience, then can examining the arts discern reflections of God? Can one infer from various aspects of art various traits of God?

Can Art Engage Philosophy of Religion?

Can art inform topics in philosophy of religion? Can the existence and varieties of art address or affect theological questions about God, faith, belief, worship?

What is Philosophy of Art?

What is the nature of art? What makes something “art”, and why should we value it? What are aesthetics and art theory? Can philosophy of art enhance appreciation and practice of the arts?

Art Seeking Understanding I: Foundations

Art delights us, but how so, and why? Can art be modes of discovery and creation that enhance understanding? Explore art’s relationship with cognitive science, philosophy, neuroscience, history, theology and religion.

Can Art Clarify The Mind-Body Problem?

What’s the relationship between the mental activity of our minds and the physical actions of our brain? It’s called The Mind-Body Problem. To many, it’s a perennial problem in philosophy of mind. Can art provide fresh insight?

What are Breakthroughs in Biology?

Can the Brain Explain Art?

What is happening in our brains when we perceive and appreciate the arts? What are the neural substrates of artistic sensations, feelings and emotions? How do diverse arts affect the brain?

What are Breakthroughs in Physics?

Salvation – A Philosophical Inquiry

It’s intended as ultimate purpose: salvation means eternal life with God. For believers, what actually happens, what kind of life? For non-believers, what can we learn about how religion works?

Atonement – A Philosophical Inquiry

Can atonement absolve sin? For believers, how could The Atonement work? What’s the process? For non-believers, what does The Atonement say about the kind of God that supposedly designed it?

The Incarnation – A Philosophical Inquiry

It’s a staggering idea: God became flesh. Why would the Creator become human? For believers, how could Divine and Human natures interact? For non-believers, how do beliefs reflect the psyche?

The Trinity – A Philosophical Inquiry

It seems the ultimate riddle: How could One God be Three Persons? How could One be Three? Or Three be One? And why three? Non-believers and believers can both enjoy the logic and linguistics.